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June 2015 Playlist


For us down under, it’s officially tax time. Just like the rest of us, rappers rack their brains for whatever write-offs they can conjure up. And according to The Game, this includes fresh new Jordans, medical Mary Jane and making it rain on dem hoes. Wait… what? You can write off strip club expenses? Well no – you probably can’t but to a certain extent, rappers can. A strip club sesh can be written off as an entertainment or advertising expense, so long as the figure isn’t deemed to be lavish or extravagant. That rap life huh? Shoulda coulda woulda…

Luckily for those in the first half of June’s playlist, this makes a $4069 “business meeting” at Juicy Lucy’s a reasonable write-off in the tax man’s eyes. There aren’t too many rappers making waves on this side of the hemisphere, so it’s safe to say the Australian Taxation Office won’t be seeing too many outlandish offsets in the coming months. We’re not sure if producers have the same audacity as rappers when doing their tax returns, but as long as they keep making beats like the ones featured on the latter half of this list, we don’t really care.

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  1. DeJ Loaf – Like A Hoe [Prod. DDS]
  2. Wiz Khalifa – Lit [Prod. Big Jerm, Dru Tang & J Card]
  3. Tyga ft. Boosie Badazz – Pleazer [Prod. FKi]
  4. Vince Staples – Señorita [Prod. Christian Rich]
  5. Travis Scott – Antidote [Prod. Wondagurl & Eestbound]
  6. BJ The Chicago Kid ft. OG Maco – That Girl [Prod. SC]
  7. DeJ Loaf ft. Young Thug – Shawty [Prod. Young Roc]
  8. Skeme ft. Young Thug – That N*gga [Prod. DJ Drama & Don Cannon]
  9. Statik Selektah ft. Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$ – Beautiful Life
  10. Ty Dolla $ign ft. Future & Rae Sremmurd – Blasé [Prod. DJ Spinz]
  11. Mic Kellogg – Tune Out
  12. Tory Lanez – Fallback [Prod. Play Picasso]
  13. Tink – I Like [Prod. C-Sick]
  14. Tory Lanez – Karrueche [Prod. Noah Breakfast]
  15. Dawn Richard ft. Krispy from The Knux – James Dean [Prod. Swagg R’Celious]
  16. Jahkoy ft. SPZRKT – Still In Love [Prod. Jahkoy, NovA & Tony Tritone]
  17. Anderson Paak x Doja Cat – Shifty [Prod. Mike Gao]
  18. Dumbfoundead – Coachella [Prod. Josh Pan]
  19. A$AP Rocky – LSD [Instant Party! Smoov Edit]
  21. Buji – Post 2 Be [Buji Lullaby Edit]
  22. Beyoncé – Kitty Kat [Cavalier Remix]
  23. Alo Lee – Electric Blue [Skye Chai Remix]
  24. Basenji ft. Scenic – Petals
  25. Flight Facilities ft. Owl Eyes – Heart Attack [Snakehips Remix]
  26. PYRMDPLAZA – Pong
  27. Vasco – Lux
  28. Fossa Beats – U Know
  29. StéLouse – Closer
  30. Swim Good x Merival – Since U Asked
  31. Geotheory – Don’t Stop
  32. Tarro – Your Mind
  33. Major Lazer ft. Nyla – Light It Up
  34. The Hood Internet – Some Poppas [The Notorious B.I.G. x Flume]
  35. GoldLink – Dance On Me
  36. Lucian X Remmi – Bobby K
  37. Hermitude – Through The Roof [SINIQ Remix]
  38. Gravez – Rizen
  39. Major Lazer ft. Elliphant – Too Original [Nebbra Remix]
  40. AIRWAV – Do U Remember?

SPOTLIGHT: Casey Veggies


Aww man! If you haven’t heard any Casey Veggies, he’s a rapper from Inglewood with a distinctive yet very listenable lisp. While such speech impediments mightn’t go down so well in other genres, thankfully for us hiphopheads, pretty much Anything Goes;


Casey was a founding member of Odd Future & although he branched off early to do his own thang, he still contributes to the crew, including a hook for Earl Sweatshirt’s Hive, also featuring Vince Staples;


In 2011 when he was just 18, Casey recruited the 19 year old Mac Miller for Can I Live and dropped a verse in Jhene Aiko‘s optimistic In Love We Trust;


In 2013, Young Veggies teamed up with Rockie Fresh to make the ingeniously titled Fresh Veggies mixtape, which included Sacrifice (what I imagine a video game would sound like if it got a little blazed first) and Celebrating Life;


For many rappers, their better known tracks are often a little ratchet. A couple of Casey’s bangers include Backflip, which got remixed a few times before they filmed a video with YG & IAMSU. And alongside OG Maco, Casey added a verse to Reese‘s DJ Mustard produced club track Parade;


And to conclude, some of Casey’s more recent work. Tied Up features current It-girl & 2015 XXL Fresh[wo]man, DeJ Loaf;


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Freshly announced as one of this years’ XXL Freshmen, Atlanta’s OG Maco has been demanding attention from hiphopheads since dropping his breakout hit U Guessed It. If you haven’t heard the Brandon Thomas-produced track (plus the 2chainz version for good measure), then prepare to be strangely excited.


For those already down with OG Maco… what do you think would be the perfect follow-up to the above track? Well bitch you guessed it, with beats by Ducko Mcfli here’s FuckEmx3, which comes with absolutely no chill.


For the last year or so he’s also been gaining momentum with the obligatory guest spots. He featured in Reese‘s DJ Mustard produced Parade alongside Casey Veggies and added a mean verse to Audio Push‘s Ducko Mcfli x Hit-boy x Hazebanga track Heavy;


If you’re down with Mad Decent on Soundcloud, you’ve probably heard the Diplo-produced Dr Pepper, featuring K-pop princess CL, Riff Raff (gaaaaains, bruh!) & a verse from Mr Maco. And just the other day he jumped on BJ The Chicago Kid‘s newbie That Girl;


When he’s doing his own thing, believe it or not he does sometimes take it easy, giving his throat a much deserved/required break. Exhibit A, the super chill Ricky P produced & Wiz Khalifa assisted Night Like This remix;


And Exhibit B – a personal fave as of late – the somewhat emo Vanity, off his latest project Tax Free, which was apparently “produced entirely by Pablo Dylan on top of a mountain and recorded by Maco Mattox on top of the same mountain and engineered by Phresh Produce of OGG on top of the same fucking mountain”.


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video ho

VIDEO: Young Thug – Halftime

Bill Gates may or may not have said that he “instantly went into depression” and “began to question his existence” upon hearing Young Thug, but on the flipside we’re still hardcore excited to hear nonsense from the eccentric Atlanta rapper. Thugger just released video for Halftime, (off the Barter 6 mixtape) giving us a blurred, vertigo-induced peep into his life, featuring multiple wardrobe changes and his limbs and lovers all over place. It’s hard to decipher what he’s going on about at the best of times, but we’re particularly curious about what he’s hum-mumbling at the end there, while swigging a 2 litre bottle of orange soda and going full throttle for the camera with his plethora of pimp rings.


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If you haven’t heard or seen her, Kehlani is a 19-year old R&B-type singer-songwriter from Oakland USA with an a-grade voice, not a lot of skin left to tattoo and an ugly duckling turned beautiful swan America’s Got Talent backstory. She’s the current It-girl when it comes to remixes, rendering her raw, rhythmic music a little more accessible to us doof enthusiasts.

Kicking things off are Snakehips with their remix of Til the Morning;


Gravez & Nehzuil teamed up for their remix of Down For You which comes with belated doof (hang in there, it’s worth it). Djemba Djemba has an official remix out too, his bringing the doof much earlier while still maintaining the sex appeal of the original track.


ESTA‘s got all the vibes with his chilled out disco-cocktail-type remix of Kehlani’s Get Away;


Minorstep x WeSink dropped a wicked trap remix of The Way, and Promnite does alright with his Be Alright remix;


Mike Gao shared a fun remix of Niggas not long ago and Great Dane remixed it too, but respectfully titled his dreamy, beautiful version “Track 04″ Remix;


And last in this list but certainly not least, our equal favourite French producer Stwo recently shared his take on Kehlani’s Runnin;


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beatPrescription Monthly Playlist

May 2015 Playlist

In the playlist of May 2015, every track tells a tale.

Track 1 tells the tale of a young rapper from Atlanta (duh) who much like his homie Young Thug can often not be understood, but who’s music compells ones’ behind to move around all the same. In Throw It Back, Rich Homie Quan expresses his hope that the ladies can take the D while protruding their posteriors during intercourse, all to a satisfying Izze The Producer beat.

Track 2 tells the tale of a rich white American DJ with a twerk fetish and a supreme talent for bringing together some of the most interesting global talent. For Dr Pepper, Diplo drops a beat to back up the pop chops of CL, a hugely famous Korean popstar and the Beyonce of K-pop group 2NE1, everyone’s dream BFF (who is pretty tank all of a sudden) RiFF RaFF and one of our current obsessions, OG Maco, who probably has many tales himself regarding the amount of throat lozenges he must go through.

And lastly, because nobody wanted to read (or write) a roundup of every playlistee, Track 40 tells the tale of two epic producers teaming up to revive and remix the shiznit out of Threatz. Gravez & Ekali collab’d to create some ear candy, with their hearty doof-y rendition of the Denzel Curry, Yung Simmie & Robb Bank$ track from 2013, which should most definitely be turned all the way up if one is in the process of getting turnt up.

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  1. Rich Homie Quan – Throw It Back [Prod. Izze The Producer]
  2. CL x RiFF RAFF x OG Maco – Doctor Pepper [Prod. Diplo]
  3. TroyBoi ft. Armani White – Do You [Remix]
  4. Gravez ft. Jahkoy – Rapture
  5. Tory Lanez – Acting Like [Prod. Shlohmo]
  6. Webster X – Lately [Prod. Mic Kellogg]
  7. OG Maco – Vanity [Prod. Pablo Dylan]
  8. Mac Miller – BOO! (INTERLUDE) [Prod. Larry Fisherman]
  9. Vince Staples ft. Future – Señorita [Prod. Christian Rich]
  10. Troy Ave ft. 50 Cent- Bang Bang [Prod. Yankee & Troy Ave]
  11. Mike Regal – Keep Smoking
  12. Kembe X ft. Danny Brown – Hereditary (2 Bitches) [Prod. Opi Taylor]
  13. K Camp x Sauce Walka – A Bag [Prod. Big Fruit]
  14. Vincent Van Great – Ninja Sauce [Prod. MF Doom]
  15. Post Malone ft. 1st – Whats Up [Prod. FKi & Charlie Handsome]
  16. Priceless Da ROC ft. C2Saucy & MiMi Green – Clap Go Crazy
  17. Krept & Konan ft. Jeremih – Freak of the Week
  18. Kyndall – Girl You Loud (Remix)
  19. Belly ft. The Weeknd – Might Not
  20. Ty Dolla $ign ft. YG, Joe Moses & TeeCee4800 – Only Right [Prod. DJ Mustard]
  21. Kyle ft. IAMSU! – It’s Lit!  [Prod. M Phazes]
  22. Two Fresh ft. Towkio & Joey Purp –  Gettin Throwed
  23. Ayo ft. Kim – Gibberish
  24. Beyoncé – Yoncé [Dalure Fondle]
  25. Infuze, Father Dude & llmind ft. Skyzoo, K!NG Z3US, Yung Fusion & Emilio Rojas – BBHM$
  26. Kehlani – Runnin’ [stwo Remix]
  27. 20syl – Swimming Stone
  28. Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt- Some Minds
  29. Mura Masa ft. Nao – Firefly
  30. LOLO BX – For U
  31. Ryan Hemsworth – Snow In Newark [Grynpyret Remix]
  32. marshmello – TaKe IT BaCk
  33. GAWTBASS – Vintage
  34. San Holo ft. Tessa Douwstra – Hold Fast
  35. Sam Gellaitry – Glacier
  36. 20syl – You Know
  37. Kanye West – Wolves [KRNE remake ft. MOONZz]
  38. San Holo – Shrooms
  39. Kehlani – The Way [Minorstep X WE SINK Remix]
  40. Denzel Curry – Threatz [Ekali & Gravez Remix]
video ho

VIDEO: Tory Lanez – Acting Like [Prod. Shlohmo]

We’ve been dabbling in some of that Tory Lanez for a bit, but now that he’s made sweet sweet music with 3 of our addictions, namely Ryan Hemsworth, R.L Grime and now Shlohmo (all members of Wedidit) we’re officially prescribed. The video for Acting Like focuses on the obligatory glamour girl with her hair and nails on fleek posing seductively to support the intense atmosphere, but while the visuals are what we’ve come to expect from him, Tory’s voices (note he briefly flips to G-mode at 2:30) cut with the clean, crisp Shlohmo beat is even more satisfying to the eardrums and insides than we could’ve imagined. Take heed.

video ho


Having just visited Tokyo, it’s trippy enough as is, so the idea of munging out on acid while absorbing the streets of Shinjuku or Shibuya sounds like the backdrop of a pretty mesmerizing music video. Roll in A$AP Rocky, who’s been busy prepping for his imminent album and tripping out his Instagram followers. L$D – which for Rakim means Love, $ex, Dreams – is unlike much of what we’ve heard from the pretty motherfucker in the last few years, but after all – the song is called L$D. He snaps out of it at 3:20 and wraps up the track with a more ‘regular’ rap, while we’re all sat here planning our next trip to (or perhaps in) Tokyo.

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video ho

VIDEO: Mike WiLL Made-it ft. Swae Lee, Jace & Andrea – That God Damn (Freestyle)

Mike WiLL Made a video in an underground parking lot with his buddies Swae Lee (one half of Rae Sremmurd), Jace (of Two 9 & Retro Sushi), an entire entourage of dudes and… Andrea. Andrea? We had no idea who “Andrea” was before hearing That God Damn (Freestyle) but god damn…. we’ve got a crush. Just like the beat did and the dudes in the video did – we stopped. We still have no idea who she is and neither does Google, but let’s hope Mike WiLL Made-It makes it with her a bit more.


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SPOTLIGHT: Boosie Badazz


If you’ve heard the phrase FREE BOOSIE in rap lyrics some time in the last 5 years, you might have an idea who Boosie Badazz is. By no means a newbie, the artist formerly known as Lil Boosie is currently enjoying the spotlight as a result of his recent release from the pen. With a somewhat nasal but very likeable Southern twang, Boosie has a string of pre-incarceration hits under his belt – flashback to his XXL Freshman days with 2009’s Better Believe It, and for a lesson in history – Boosie’s to blame/thank for popularizing ‘ratchet‘.


After a 5 year stint in prison for possessing a wee bit of weed, Boosie’s been making up for lost time. He’s been super busy since getting out, adding a nasty verse to Snootie Wild’s addictive K Camp & Jeremih-assisted Made Me remix and linking up with Too Short & YG for the remix to K Camp’s Cut Her Off.


Breezy & Tyga’s Real One (a track you could definitely do the ratchet to) features a Boosie verse and DJ Mustard (a.k.a the Master of Ratchet) recruited Mr Badazz for Face Down.


He’s been doing his own thing in the stu too; She Want Some is the ideal UFC fighter entrance song and No Juice calls out the fakes that ain’t Boosie Boo.


And here’s his most recent effort, the 4-day old All I Know (chorus courtesy of PJ) from his imminent album entitled Touch Down 2 Cause Hell.


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