IT’S THE REMIX: Alison Wonderland – U Don’t Know

Before we discuss the 2 remixes, if U Don’t Know this track, then here’s the video, in which Alison Wonderland is all tied up & hey, it’s McLovin!


Just A Gent take it up a notch, amplifying the creep factor with their much drop ‘lovetrap’ remix of the Wonderland track. As an added extra, enjoy the new but familiar Pure Imagination;


The Daktyl remix of U Don’t Know is less vocal & less creepy in comparison to Just A Gent’s rendition but still just as rad. Staying on his cool, Daktyl recently released his album Cyclical via the ever reliable Mad Decent.



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IT’S THE REMIX: Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing

Co-produced by Kanye West, Can’t Tell Me Nothing is one of Kanye West’s favourite Kanye West songs. BenJamin Banger, a producer out of Baltimore recently decided to take the Kanye classic in a new direction. So he parallel double parked that motherfucker sideways, resulting in this futuristic trap rebirth of the 2007 track.


As is standard, here’s the OG Yeezy version. And as an added bonus, the ZG lip-sync version. Why? Because some might say that Galifianakis is God’s vessel too, Ye.


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VIDEO: DeJ Loaf – Me U & Hennessy

To reiterate how cool Def Loaf is, we’re going to leave this (above) and this (click me) here. Arguably the sexiest song of 2014, today lil Loaf dropped the highly anticipated video for Me U & Hennessy. Providing the backdrop to an adjusted, more refined DDS beat, the video satisfies the sexy requirement courtesy of DeJ, who must have been feeling Godly toward the end there when she was frolicking on the shore.

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We’ve had our fair share of mustard this week, with Mr Get Dough freshly squeezed into our eardrums on Tuesday & then this pleasant surprise for our eyes just yesterday. With the familiar DJ Mustard on the beat hoe, the track features bars by Drakeo the Ruler, Choice & RJ.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Dijon MacFarlane. He’s often predictable & he’s instantly recognisable but the king of ratchet music is undeniably reliable, with a list of hits that’s ridic long (uh). Faster than a ratchet on the phone to her homegirl can say – “You got my Headband? Or Nah? Aiight, so me & Giuseppe got 2 on & he try Fuckin’ wit me. I told him – I don’t fuck wit youI’m different. I don’t want No Mediocre. He still went Down on Me. Oh Na Na! I’m Post to be with My Nigga in 24 HoursDon’t tell em! Anyway, where’s Rack City? Left, right? Up, down? Show Me!”he’s already got a new beat out and it’s probably got that signature Hey! Hey! echoing in the background. But recently Mustard’s been keen on exploring his musical horizons, remixing the Diplo beat in Ty Dolla $ign’s Stand For, going all EDM on his remix of Beyonce’s 7/11, working with DJ Snake for their take on Faded & a collab called Ice Rink with Cashmere Cat.

He returns to the ratchet with Mr Get Dough & the result, of course, is rad. The 23 Mustard beats hyperlinked in this blog serve to prove that Dijon MacFarlane is the man, and this day-old Dan Centrone directed video is a mighty celebration of that (not to mention, there’s many a man in this video).

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Last year was hype city for Chi-town rapper Vic Mensa. In the same year he became legal, he was named a XXL Freshman, a title possibly responsible for skyrocketing the careers of many talented rappers before him, including Joey Bada$$ & ScHoolboy Q in 2013 and Macklemore & Iggy Azalea in 2012 (wait, what?)

The industry’s been all up in his grill for a bit now, but his biggest endorsement to date has come from Kanye West, who in February recruited yung Mensa for Wolves, the first single off his impending new album. If you scratch Yeezy’s back, he’ll scratch yours, with the 4-day-old track U Mad being solid proof of that;


Prior to working with Yeezy, Vic was your average bucket hat wearing bong ripping 20 year old with a penchant for Orange Soda;


In 2013 he hopped on Cocoa Butter Kisses with good buddy & fellow 2014 XXL Freshman Chance The Rapper, who in return jumped on Tweakin;


The boys trip the fuck out in Vic’s video for Feel That;


He’s also a big fan of the Kaytranada collab, joining forces with the HW&W producer for the tracks Wimme Nah & Drive Me Crazy;


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T-R-O-Y-B-O-I. If you’re not familiar with ya boi Troy’s DJ tag, rest assured, you shortly will be. TroyBoi, the self proclaimed ”music manipulation specialist, drum molester and drop addict” is a trap producer out of London who has been super active this past year, dropping some particularly creative, weird & wonderful beats.

To start you off, a couple of his flagship instrumentals; Automatic, the perfect bump & grind jam for a droid disco & Souls, which features an eerie, hypnotic sample from The Fugees’ track Ready Or Not;


Now, peep the visual for the radio-friendly No Substitute, with beats by TroyBoi & some rare word action from Y.A.S;

TroyBoi’s been busy beatmaking with some equally fresh producers, including the track Drive, a chill trappy joint effort with Evil Needle & Soundclash, a collab with Fool’s Gold label buddies Flosstradamus, which starts off heavy on the Floss until the signature TroyBoi sound kicks in;


Naturally, TroyBoi’s a maestro at manipulation. Last month he remixed Father’s iLoveMakonnen & Key! assisted Look At Wrist (wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist) with satisfying, Sonos-worthy results;


& this week he dropped a new beat to burn the bedroom D-floor to, entitled Fireman;


Boi oh Troy!

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IT’S THE REMIX: Big Sean ft Jhene Aiko – I Know

As soon as the keys emanated from my speakers, I swooned. 27 seconds in, once I realised it was a remix of recent fave I Know, I swooned a little deeper. A beautiful, chill trap rendition of the Jhene Aiko-assisted Big Sean track, this daydream of a remix by ClayJay was a sweet morning surprise in our Soundcloud stream;


And here’s the original version off Dark Sky Paradise, whipped up by the ever reliable DJ Mustard;


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VIDEO: Tinashe – All Hands On Deck

The visual for Tinashe‘s All Hands On Deck evokes a warm & fuzzy feeling of nostalgia, to the golden days when every R&B music video was set in an elaborate yet inexplicable location & featured a collective dance routine to match. Having been cutting rugs her whole life, she fills the void left by Janet Jackson in the nineties & consistently delivers on choreography. Set in a shipping yard, the video boasts a creative use of sea freight containers and a radical wardrobe for the DIY bedroom-R&B boss herself, including a much-to-be-admired push-up bra which will no doubt have the dude next to you saying Oh My Dayum

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FRESH PRODUCER: marshmello



Unleashed with the caption “since you guys hate me so much“, on April Fools Day marshmello gifted fans with new track WanT U 2.

marshmello makes beats quick. Saying wassup to the world with WaVeZ, March was all about marshmello, who erupted on the scene with 5 super impressive tracks to follow including WroNg, FinD Me, BLocKs & ShOw YoU. Having now rounded up a steady following of fans with their “deep fluffy hybrid melodic sexy trap house music”, the question begs… who is marshmello? ‘A side project’, speculates many a social media theorist, including suggestions that it’s Skrillex, Jauz, DJ Snake, Borgore or a combination of any of the above. According to marshmello, “I don’t want people to know who I am I just want people to enjoy my music” which is totally fair enough. The beats are rad, so let’s all just mello the fuck out, chill with the collab theories and enjoy the tune-age until all is revealed  [✖‿✖]